This looks like a very exciting innovation. Takeaway coffee is a growing trend in the UK, and despite efforts to get consumers to use reusable cups there is not the interest or uptake. A cup that can truly be recycled with other card and commonly collected mixed recyclables should help in the fight against waste and litter – we just need to encourage consumers to put them in the recycling when they have finished with them. I wish you every luck and success with your efforts to reduce the problem of coffee cup waste and help consumers do the right thing

Prof. Margaret Bates

Fantastic quality cups which are double walled keeping your drink warmer for longer and comfy to hold.

Yes! These cups can be processed through a common paper/cardboard recycling process in the UK. The cup lining does not need to be separated!

To match the high quality product and innovative material we have top full colour designs to match. No boring plain cups found here!

No big minimum order! These are available as a standard stocked line at Magenta UK. You can order as little as 1 box of 500 cups.

Yes! Still 100% leak proof with the EarthCoating® lining.

Available Now! The 100% Recyclable Cup is available to order now at commercial volumes & pricing.

100% Recyclable Cup Range

Full range of sizes available

100% Recyclable Cup 8oz

SKU: BH362

Packs of 500

100% Recyclable Cup 12oz

SKU: BH363

Packs of 500

100% Recyclable Cup 16oz

SKU: BH365

Packs of 400

Do I need to put the cup in a special bin?

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The 100% Recyclable Cup can go through traditional paper/carboard recycling waste. Just put the cup into a paper recycling bin.

Is there plastic in the lining

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100% Recyclable Cup contains 51% less plastic in the lining so no need for separation of materials to be recycled as the lining breaks up like tissue in the recycling process. This makes it valuable for recycling waste companies to take the cups as it is easily processed through traditional paper recycling equipment.

Are they expensive?

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The 100% Recyclable Cup is made in an intelligent & efficient way meaning that it is commercially viable to use these cups instead of plastic lined non-recyclable cups or compostable cups which can't be recycled and end up in landfill.

Can I have my own brand on them?

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Magenta UK can brand and print the 100% Recyclable Cup to suit your brand and colours. Just contact us for a quote.