Magenta UK have the widest range of eco-friendly packaging solutions for your business.

Whether you would like to be using 100% recyclable products such as Magenta’s own 100% Recyclable Cups, or completely eliminate plastic within your packaging by using certified compostable products, Magenta UK have the product range for you.

Steps to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Step 1

Contact Magenta UK with your current product list & we will identify products for you which would have an eco-friendly alternative.


Step 2

We will provide you pricing & information on the alternative eco-friendly packaging with their environmental properties whether that be recyclable or compostable.


Step 3

Once you’re happy with the new alternative eco-friendly products we will adjust our stock levels to suit your needs & you can then order online or over the phone knowing your using eco-friendly.

Compostable Cutlery

We have compostable cutlery in wooden birchwood material or a corn starch alternative which gives better strength than the plastic...

Compostable Cups

If you want to completely remove plastic in your paper cups for to go drinks then we have double and single walled cups ready.

100% Recyclable Cups

A genuinely recyclable cup at all paper recycling facilities in the UK. Unlike standard paper cups these have a...

Compostable Food Boxes

Compostable food boxes are a great eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene or plastic lined food boxes which can't be recycled.